Not One More

I am your child’s teacher.

I do not need

your thoughts and prayers

speeches about school shootings that do not once mention guns

a government that makes it easier for mentally ill individuals to purchase guns

congresspeople who place lobbyists’ wishes above those of their constituents

gun laws that ban assault weapons lapsing

another day of setting curriculum aside to address my students’ fears and questions

hashtag activism

to see one more child posting or tweeting about their slain classmates and family

to be told that today is not the day to talk about this

to look around my classroom, deciding which pieces of furniture make the best barricades and self-defense weapons

to train children how not to die at school

the solution to be that American teachers should now be armed.

We never have enough money to stock school libraries, retain full-time guidance counselors, buy supplies for art teachers, and update technology, but somehow we’re flush with the finances to buy every teacher in America a gun? I teach math, and that doesn’t add up.

I am your child’s teacher.

You want to arm me?

Arm me with books.
Arm me with winter coats.
Arm me with healthy lunches.
Arm me with a social-emotional curriculum.
Arm me with full-time support staff.
Arm me with time.

Because my arms were meant to
Hug children
Carry books
Paint watercolors
Create writing
Turn pages
Capture thinking
Open doors

They were not meant to
pull children into hiding
make bookshelves into barricades
soundlessly signal for silence
shield students from bullets

But, because
I am your child’s teacher
I would.

I am your child’s teacher.

And I am now required to
Life and death…because I want to teach kids.

I am your child’s teacher.

I need you.

I need you to care enough about children to hold accountable those who refuse to act and who ignore the fact that we are the only economically advanced country where this happens REGULARLY.

Because thoughts and prayers do not stop bullets.

Because I’m tired of going to work every day wondering if today will be the day I’ll need to shelter my children in silence to survive.

Because schools should be the safest places in our communities.

Because every time this happens, shoulders are shrugged, and complicit helplessness thrives and asks us to accept this as normal.

This is not normal.

Take your thoughts and prayers and turn them into votes and action.

Thoughts and prayers vocalize our pain.
Votes and action catalyze our change.

Not one more school.
Not one more child.
Not one more.


This post adapts and expands upon an original post I shared on my personal social media accounts the day after the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in which 17 people, most of them children, were killed.


14 thoughts on “Not One More

    1. Thank you Miriam! I am actually a third grade teacher, so I do it all…reading, writing, math. My background is in literacy, but I appreciate the compliment all the same!


  1. WoW – just wow
    You captured every sentiment and thought in my heart
    My daughter is a teacher – 3rd Gr
    She is exactly what you are – a loving passionate loving soul who wants to make a difference in her students lives –
    We taught her to love and have a passion for molding and empowering children
    We taught her that you couldn’t put a price on such a calling because it doesn’t matter how much $ you make
    If the price for education is too high
    The price of ignorance is higher –
    as we are witnessing
    We didn’t teach her how to shoot a gun, or basic war zone survival skills- even though she works in what is considered a low income, high crime area –
    We didn’t teach her to hate
    But we did teach her to love her neighbor at any cost
    We never thought that cost could potentially be her life
    It hasn’t stopped her
    It won’t
    THIS has to stop
    Aliza you, my daughter, and all of your colleagues are brilliant and strong and America needs to stand up, be strong and together say:
    ENOUGH already!!


    1. Thank you Sonia for leaving your thoughts here. I, too, am a third grade teacher, and I am here to teach and love these kids. I’m sure your daughter does, as well. Thank you for the support!


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